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Ohio SAF maintains a directory of members providing services.

Click here to go to www.osafdirectory.com and find a forester who can help manage your land.

There are many services a forester can provide to help you get the most from your land.  Contact a forester if you are considering:

  • Harvesting Timber
  • Planting trees for reforestation
  • Improving an existing woodlands for better quality timber
  • Enhancing wildlife habitat in your woods
  • Addressing a forest disease or insect problem
  • Controlling invasive species such as Ailanthus, honeysuckle, privet, autumn olive, etc…
  • Removing grapevines
  • Reducing the property tax burden on your forestland
  • Layout and design of recreational trails
  • Working with cost-share programs such as EQIP in your woods
  • Anything else in your woods!

In addition to “traditional foresters” who plan woodland management, OSAF members also include urban foresters who plan the management of the forests within our communities.  Generally, urban foresters work with comunity leaders to develop area-wide plans.  The services of urban foresters include:

  • Tree inventory assistance
  • Aid with community tree planting plans
  • Hazard tree assessment
  • Equip individuals with technical knowledge to manage community trees
  • Advise in the development of canopy preservation ordinances

The traditional foresters and urban foresters are both often called “field foresters” because their primary roll is working in the field.  Within the membership of SAF, there are many researchers and educators as well.  Research is conducted within colleges and universities as well as by the US Forest Service.  Ohio is fortunate to have an excellent forest research facility at the Northeastern Research Station in Delaware, Ohio.  While the Ohio State University and Hocking College are the only 2 schools in Ohio with a dedicated forestry program, there are forest researchers and educators at other schools including:  Ohio University, University of Toledo, Miami University, University of Cincinnati, and University of Findlay.

Related to trees, but not necessairly a part of SAF:

Homeowners looking for assistance with a few yard trees are best served by an arborist.  Visit www.treesaregood.com for more information.

To find a nursery growing trees for reforestation, there are many seedling nurseries through the midwest.  There is not an organization that makes it easy to locate these all in one place.  A search for “bare root tree seedlings” should help locate these.  It is best to order trees from the midwest or midAtlantic states so they are adapted to Ohio growing conditions.  Most foresters can help you locate a quality nursery and order the right trees.

For larger individual trees the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association is a good place to search for nurseries selling larger trees.

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